Baby’s First Dentist Visit

Get the Best Care for Your Baby’s Teeth

If you’ve been dealing with lots of crying, drooling, and chewing from your baby, they may be teething. Once that first tooth comes in, it’s time for your baby’s first visit to the dentist! Our incredible pediatric dentists for babies in Herndon, VA, will make your little one’s first visit a fun and enjoyable experience.

Before your baby’s teeth start to grow in, we recommend wiping down their gums with a damp washcloth once a day to keep their mouth clean. With the first tooth, however, dental care looks a little different, but we’re here to evaluate your baby’s oral health and to help you navigate the struggles of teething.

Infant Evaluation Overview

If your baby’s first tooth or first birthday comes around, whichever comes first, you’ll want to bring them in for their first visit to our pediatric dentist in Herndon. We monitor their teething process to make sure everything is going smoothly, and with routine visits, we can get an accurate picture of the trajectory of your child’s dental health.

Plus, bringing your child into the dentist from a young age helps them get accustomed to dental work, so they feel more comfortable at the dentist’s office when they are older, too.

What We Do

At your baby’s first visit, we take great care in making you and your baby feel relaxed and safe. Our preliminary evaluation focuses on providing you the information you need for great at-home dental care, such as:

Baby bottle tooth decay

Infant feeding practices

Mouth cleaning


Pacifier habits

Finger-sucking habits

Benefits of Early Dental Care

Taking your baby to the dentist early on offers numerous benefits:

  1. Early Detection: Regular dental visits allow our pediatric dentist to monitor your baby’s oral health from the start, enabling early detection of any potential issues such as tooth decay or developmental abnormalities.
  2. Preventive Care: Dental professionals can provide guidance on proper oral hygiene techniques tailored to your baby’s needs, including cleaning methods and dietary advice to prevent tooth decay.
  3. Establishing a Dental Routine: By introducing your baby to the dental office early, you help establish a positive association with dental care, making future visits less daunting.
  4. Monitoring Growth and Development: We can track the growth and development of your baby’s teeth and jaws, identify any concerns early, and implement appropriate interventions if necessary.
  5. Preventing Dental Anxiety: Regular dental visits from infancy can help reduce dental anxiety later in life by familiarizing your child with the dental environment and building trust with the dental team.
  6. Educating Parents: Dental appointments provide an opportunity for parents to ask questions and receive guidance on various aspects of oral care, including teething, pacifier use, and thumb sucking.
  7. Promoting Overall Health: Good oral health is closely linked to overall health and well-being. By prioritizing dental visits for your baby, you contribute to their overall health and lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Overall, early dental visits play a crucial role in maintaining optimal oral health and setting the stage for a lifetime of healthy dental habits.

What to Expect

As a trusted baby dentist in Herndon, we understand the importance of this initial visit in laying the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Baby’s first dentist visit is typically around 45 minutes, allowing ample time for a comprehensive examination. Depending on your baby’s stage of teething, we will carefully assess their mouth, including their teeth, gums, jaws, bite, and oral tissue. This thorough evaluation helps us identify any early signs of dental issues and ensures we can provide proactive care to address them.

During the visit, if necessary, we may perform a mild cleaning to remove any plaque or buildup from your baby’s teeth. This gentle cleaning helps maintain their oral health and prevents the accumulation of harmful bacteria that can lead to tooth decay. Our goal during this initial visit is to assess your baby’s oral health and provide guidance and support to you as parents. We take the time to answer any questions you may have about teething, oral hygiene practices, feeding habits, or any other concerns related to your baby’s dental health.

Why We’re a First Choice for Their First Visit

Fun & Kid-Friendly

When your infant starts to scream and cry…we’re ready for it! We have lots of toys and games to entertain your child, and we expect that your child may make a fuss, and that’s okay!

Educational & Empathetic

Raising a young child can be stressful, and we want to eliminate your stress with answering all of your questions and giving you all the information you need.

Compassionate & Gentle

We always handle your baby with great care, and we strive to make them feel comfortable throughout their visit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Infant Dental Exams in Herndon

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