Dental Fillings for Kids in Herndon

Fillings for Cavities

Treat Cavities With Fillings

Tooth decay is incredibly common in children, and once it progresses to a cavity, it can only be treated with a filling or a crown. 

We encourage and educate on preventative care, like routine dental cleanings, proper brushing and flossing, and minimal sugary food intake, but when a cavity happens, we can restore your child’s teeth to good health with our dental fillings for kids in Herndon.

Fillings Overview

Tooth decay starts with plaque, a film of bacteria on your teeth from leftover food particles. As tooth decay eats through enamel, it makes a hole in the tooth, known as a cavity. This hole creates a pocket where decay can progress into the inside of the tooth. If the tooth is severely damaged, it can rot or even fall out altogether.

Your teeth can’t fix cavities on their own, but we can fill them with resin to seal them off from decay.


Fillings treat minor to moderate cavities.

How Fillings Work

Fillings remove the decayed tissue in the tooth and replace it with resin to stop tooth decay from progressing. This resin is cured inside the tooth and acts as protection against any further damage to either an adult or baby tooth.

What to Expect

Your dentist will apply local anesthesia to the area of treatment so that your child doesn’t feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. To apply the filling, the dentist will drill out the diseased tissue and then fill the hole in the tooth.

Dentist with a patient during her dental checkup at our Herndon dental office.

Restoring Your Kids’ Smile to Great Health

Fun & Kid-Friendly

With our welcoming staff, playroom, and toy options, we want the dentist’s office to be something kids can look forward to.

Educational & Empathetic

We make sure you and your kid have the tools and knowledge you need to take great care of their teeth at home.

Compassionate & Gentle

We work hard to keep you and your kid comfortable throughout the appointment and to alleviate any anxieties you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fight Back Against Cavities!

We can help your child return to great dental health through our crowns and dental fillings for kids in Herndon.