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Special Needs Dentistry

Whether your child has behavioural issues or a disability, we offer comprehensive care for patients with special needs.

Patient at our pediatric dental office in Herndon, VA, during her consultation.

Baby Root Canals

If your child has severe tooth pain, schedule them for an evaluation to see if they need an extraction or a pediatric root canal in Herndon.

Little girl during a dental visit at our Herndon Pediatric Dentistry.

Infant Evaluations & Healthy Habits

We're here to evaluate your baby's oral health and to help you navigate the struggles of teething.

Routine Dental Cleanings

Hero Pediatric Dentistry in Herndon ensures you're less likely to have more costly and time-intensive dental treatments down the road.

Oral Exams & X-Rays

Many underlying conditions and alignment issues stem from teeth, bite, and jaw structure that can be difficult or impossible to see with our eyes alone.

Flouride & Sealants

Flouride contributes to repairing tooth enamel and preventing tooth decay, and dentists use it as a treatment to help avoid cavities.

Pediatric dentist in Herndon with a patient.

Emergency Pediatric Dentistry

Our emergency pediatric dentist in Herndon will carefully evaluate and stabilize their situation before performing necessary treatments.

Modified dental treatments for children with special needs

Restorative Dentistry

Our restorative care treatments at Hero Pediatric Dentistry help your child smile again with happy, healthy teeth.

Bite Analysis & Early Habits

We want to make sure that their teeth fit properly so they can talk, chew, and eat without any problems as they grow up.


When a cavity happens, we can restore your child's teeth to good health with our dental fillings for kids in Herndon.