Dental Exams in Herndon

Expert Care With Our Oral Exams & X-Rays

Get a Complete Understanding of Dental Health

Before we can start any treatments, we get a comprehensive overview of your child’s dental health with our oral exams and X-rays. 

Many underlying conditions and alignment issues stem from teeth, bite, and jaw structure that can be difficult or impossible to see with our eyes alone.

Dental Exams & X-Rays Overview

When your child gets a dental cleaning, we always conduct an initial oral exam to check for any areas of potential tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, or other conditions. If they’re due for an X-ray, we’ll then take them to receive an X-ray that captures their teeth and bone structure to give our pediatric dentists greater insight.


Our dental exams and X-rays detect the following:

Tooth decay

Gum disease


Bone loss

Erupting teeth

Tooth and bite alignment


How Getting an Oral Exam or an X-Ray Benefits Kids

Dental exams with a pediatric dentist in Herndon offer several key benefits for children. Our specialized dentists are trained to handle the unique dental needs of kids, providing tailored care that supports their developmental stages. Regular check-ups help in the early detection and treatment of dental issues, such as cavities, gum disease, or misaligned teeth, ensuring optimal oral health as children grow. The child-friendly environment and approach at Hero Pediatric Dentistry make dental visits less intimidating, promoting a positive attitude towards dental care in young patients. We aim to educate children and parents about effective oral hygiene practices during every exam, laying the foundation for a lifetime of healthy dental habits. Addressing dental concerns early in life can prevent more complex and costly treatments in the future, safeguarding the child’s overall well-being.

What to Expect

Dental exams and X-rays are completely painless. Your child’s pediatric dentist in Herndon, VA, will ask your child to open their mouth for an exam and will give them instructions like asking them to bite down, smile, etc. Depending on the type of X-ray, your child may go into a separate room before returning to the treatment area. We put a lead apron onto your child to protect them from excess radiation, and we guide them on each step of the X-ray procedure.

Why Even Our X-Rays Are X-ceptional

Fun & Kid-Friendly

All of our kids receive a toy for making it through their appointment, and they get an extra prize if they’re cavity-free!

Compassionate & Gentle

During our exams and X-rays, we take special care in making your kid feel comfortable throughout the process.

Expert & Educational

Our trained staff are experts in pediatric dentistry and educate you and your child on proper dental care.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kid-Friendly Dental Exams and X-Rays

Be In the Know On Your Child’s Dental Health

With our dental exams in Herndon, we can develop effective and proper treatment for your kid.