Bite Analysis in Herndon

Bite Analysis and Early Habits

Proactive Analysis for Better Teeth Health

As your kid’s teeth grow in, we monitor their bite and teeth alignment to analyze the possible need for treatment. 

We want to make sure that their teeth fit properly so they can talk, chew, and eat without any problems as they grow up. We also provide training for early dental care so your child can establish healthy habits around dental health.

Bite Analysis and Early Habits Overview

Starting young with good habits reduces the risk for tooth decay and cavities later. We’ll instruct you and your child on how to best care for their teeth. Even though their baby teeth will fall out eventually, problems in their baby teeth affect how a child bites down when their permanent teeth grow in. With oral exams and X-rays, we analyze your child’s teeth and jaw structure to understand where there might be issues in bite or alignment.


Our bite analysis in Herndon identifies any potential issues in your child’s ability to bite down so we can create effective treatment plans. In addition to bite analysis, we offer comprehensive education on teeth care to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

How Bite Analysis and Early Habits Work

We analyze your child’s bite by conducting a preliminary oral exam before using X-rays to get an in-depth look at the teeth and jaw structure below the surface. Then we can explore methods of treatment if necessary and provide more information on dental care at home.

Young girl playing with toys at our pediatric dental office in Herndon.

What to Expect

At your child’s routine cleanings, we’ll monitor their bite development with oral exams and occasional X-rays. X-rays are painless and easy, and we’ll take a few minutes to complete them at the beginning of their appointment. Our dentist will analyze them to let you know the results.

Why Choose Hero Pediatric Dentistry for Dental Health and Bite Analysis in Herndon

A Fun, Kid-Friendly Office

We welcome kids in with friendly smiles and reward them with prizes at the end of their dentist appointment!

Experienced Staff

Our team members are trained and experienced in pediatric dentistry and bite analysis.

Compassionate Care

We always treat our patients with compassion, so your kid can feel comfortable and safe throughout their visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Young girl playing with toys at our pediatric dental office in Herndon.

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